Previous Speakers

The following instructors have generously supported Andy Fredericks Training Days by presenting their programs:

Tim Klett – FDNY 

Joel Kanasky – FDNY 

Rex Strickland – Fairfax Country Fire & Rescue

Fred Ill – FDNY

Christopher Reynolds – FDNY

John Salka – FDNY  

Dan McMaster – City of Alexandria Fire

Aaron Fields – Seattle Fire

Jeff Shupe – Cleveland Fire

Bill Gustin – Miami-Dade Fire

Dan Shaw – Fairfax Country Fire & Rescue

Doug Mitchell – FDNY

Mike Lombardo – Buffalo Fire

John Burruss – City of Charlottesville Fire

Jason Hoevelmann – Florissant Valley Fire

Robert Athanas – FDNY 

Dave Barlow – Fairfax County Fire & Rescue

Mike Ciampo – FDNY

Steve Kerber – UL Fire Safety Research Institute

Tony Perez – Tampa Fire

David Dittman – Tampa Fire

Thomas Dunne – FDNY     

John Grasso – FDNY 

Jim Hodges – FDNY 

Robert Morris – FDNY 

John Norman – FDNY 

Michael Sharpe – City of Alexandria Fire

Tyrone Harrington – Fairfax County Fire & Rescue

Jason Wehmeyer – City of Alexandria Fire

John Ceriello – FDNY 

Brad Clark – Hanover County (VA) Fire

Larry Schultz – City of Alexandria Fire

Samuel Hittle – Wichita Fire Department


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